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The Metro Richmond Flying Squad is happy to announce that our group was unanimously voted in to the International Fire Buff Associates at this weeks 66th annual convention in Racine Wisconsin. There are well over 60 current clubs located throughout the United States and Canada that are members of IFBA.

The International Fire Buff Associates, Inc. is an association of many Fire Buff and Fire Fan groups and individuals in the United States, Canada and throughout the World that have banded together to further their ideals on the common ground of promoting the general welfare of the Fire Service and allied emergency services.

This years convention had over 150 attendees and we had the pleasure of speaking with many of them to share stories, techniques and operational issues that the various fire rehab groups face throughout the United States and Canada.

Next years convention will be in Montreal Canada from June 25 - June 30 th

The 2020 convention will be in Nashville TN.

We are including the latest copy of Turn Out Magazine that is published by the IFBA bi-annually.…/…/2018/07/TURNOUT-SPRING-2018-1.pdf

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